Saturday, June 28, 2008

When a Bee's Got to Pee

"When a Bee's got to pee, a Bee's got to pee!"

My 4 year old daughter said this to me a few weeks ago and all I could think was, "WTF?" Oookay... but since then I've discovered where she got this pearl of wisdom, from The Mighty B, a new show on Nickelodeon. I have to say, both my daughters and myself are nuts about this show. Bessie, the main character is "the world's most ambitious Honeybee Scout". She is also a complete geek. Being a certified geek myself, I can really relate to the antics of Bessie, and the other characters crack me up, especially Portia and her mom, Mrs. Gibbons. Don't we all know mom's like this one?


HomeSlice said...

how cute! but i bet hearing it said by a sweet 4 year old is even better :-)

Lisa said...

Aaron loves this show. It's cute because the 'dorky' girl always ends up besting the 'popular' kid. kinda giving out a 'bee yourself and it'll all work out' vibe.

jae said...

I've actually seen this episode before - the only one I've seen! She's even a redhead like another ambitious crazy person I know ;)

Destiny said...

My dd and I have watched that show. Actually, I can't watch very much of it. The way they have made the main character speak drives me CRAZY. It one thing to give her a little speech impediment but they went way overboard.

I am also not sure I appreciate the image it portrays of scouting. That is the stereotype we should be trying to overcome.

But it is kind of funny from time to time.

Sara said...

We found her last weekend too, and, like with "Back to the Barnyard" I am not sure who is more addicted. I think me.

I have one word for you: Fin-gere.

HAHahahahahaha! Love it.

Cathy said...

How cute! I've never see this show before but how can you not love a show about geeks?

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

This is a funny show! My kids and my nieces were watching this while at my parent's house and I would laugh at things... they'd look and say, "why was that funny?"

It's hysterical!