Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy birthday to me

Today is my birthday. I am a whole 33 years old, whoo-hoo. Not. Not that I have anything against 33, it's not any different from 32, to tell ya the truth, it's just that whole, I'm getting older and life doesn't even have the courtesy to notice kinda thing that gets me a little down.

I took today off and honestly, it was quite nice. Okay, so techinically I was off, in reality I was troubleshooting web problems. But it did feel kinda nice to have the boss call me on my day off to fix something, showed me that I do actually have some skillz. Nevermind that everyone else he woulda normally called first was also on vacation. I HAVE SKILLZ.

I also spent the morning babysitting for a friend's kids. They were awesome, so sweet and well behaved and they kept Fiona occupied. Despite how it sounds (work and babysitting?!) it was a wonderful morning. Around noon my friend came by and we hung out chatting, something we hardly ever get the chance to do anymore. At 1:30 she headed home and Fiona and I took a N.A.P. Also heavenly. Then at 3:00 we took off to pick up Saskia from camp.

It was great to have Saskia come home, she matured so much in the five days she was gone! It's amazing to me, the changes are subtle, but she is definitely more "grown up" now. She went away a little girl and came back... not a woman, and not a teen... but someone more in charge of herself and more independant. It's pretty damn cool.

This evening Paul cooked me a yummy curry dinner before needing to head out to a meeting. And just now, I served myself a cake (with two candles, is that sad?) and forced the girls to sing happy birthday to me. Yeah, I can be kindof pathetic at times. Then I called my granny, who happens to also have her birthday today. She turned 97! Whoo-hoo, happy birthday grandma!

So now the question is, what next? In some ways I can feel each birthday pushing me further towards the grave. I weigh more than I ever have in my entire life (next time I go into the doctor's office I'm beating that scale to pieces), and I'm pretty darn unhealthy. I am tired, boring and sometimes mean. But I'm also:

in love with my family and children, happy with my career, pursuing interests and hobbies that make me feel fullfilled, and trying to learn new things. So maybe 33 isn't so bad, after all...


cristina said...

oh christina, do i suck or what for forgetting?? I rely on facebook to remind me . . .i do suck!

anyway, happy birthday late - sounds like a great one!

Lweeks said...

If you go along the lines as your gma you've got a looooong way to go chica. And you need to add one more important item to your 'what I do have...' list - Fabulous Friend. I have to admit birthdays do kinda suck once you're over 25. The good thing about being over 30 and having birthdays is that you really can do what you want. Love you XO

Alicia said...

I agree that getting older kinda stinks. Since that's the case, and we can't change it, we might as well celebrate for the sake of celebration. Happy Birthday once again, Sweetie. I'm glad you had such a nice day.

Jess said...

Ugh, I forgot! And therefore, I am the suck!

Happy Birthday Chrissi! I'm glad that you had a nice relaxing birthday. 33 isn't so bad (remember, 30 is the new 20...or so we tell ourselves so we don't feel so old...LOL)! We are still young and far from having one foot in the grave!

I heart you Birthday Girl!

Julia said...

Sorry I didn't realize it was your birthday last week! Happy belated birthday. It sounds like it was just great. Here's to a great year!