Sunday, December 2, 2007

Just checking in

Here it is, Sunday again. AGAIN?!

I've been in a state of panic for days. The semester is ending, and I have less than 2 weeks to finish all my work. I fairly behind, so I spent all weekend (or as much of it as my family would allow) working on my projects. It's a start, a good start, but there is much yet to do.

This is the first semester that I am taking only computer science classes. So instead of final exams or papers I am writing code, creating databases, and scripting. Gawd! I'd KILL to write a paper right now. At least I could BS my way through. But with these classes... well even if you spend 20 hours designing a button, if nothing happens when you push it you still fail.

Sigh. This is the first semester where mom/work/student/me has been really out of wack. As a consequence not only is my school work suffering but so is my family. DH is tired of playing house husband, and the kids are tired of mama always being cranky or not available.

Just give me Dec. 15th, PLEASE! At that point I will have 3 glorious weeks off from school. I can't wait to bake cookies, get a tree, decorate, shop, eat, play with the kids. It's going to be fantastic and I am going to enjoy every second of it!

Until then, you won't see me around so much. I try to check in once a day, but I usually only have time to reply to one or two messages. I still love ya'll; I just need to get this stuff done.

Take care and have a fantastic week!

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