Monday, January 14, 2008

Just checking in

I haven't been able to be on MM much today, just popping in here and there for a minute or two. I miss you guys already! Unfortunately I think this will continue to be my fate, at least until I get settled into the rhythm of school...

Yes, that's right school started back this week and MAN, is this going to be a busy semester. Both of my classes are online, which requires more work than I could've imagined. In addition to DAILY discussions and readings, weekly video lectures and lots of group projects and writing long papers we are expected to actually TEACH a class. Both of my instructors are requiring this, I think they've been plotting....

In any case I am rather freaked out by this news, even though I know I am a good teacher. Teaching to my peers is intimidating!

So what else is up? I taught my last Sunday school class this morning. It was bitter-sweet, the kids were awesome and I will miss them but I needed to take something off my plate.

It was also my first Sunday back at church since November, not counting the Christmas Eve service. I must say it felt GOOD. I miss going there, even though I usually don't feel like I have the time. It did my spirit good to be amongst my friends again.

This evening I found out some bad news, my favorite uncle, the only relative of mine besides my parents that I actually LIKE, is in the hospital. He has a multitude of problems and it is looking like cancer. He has already fought that battle twice and won, but now it may have moved into his spine, which I guess is a pretty bad thing. He had emergency surgery and a biopsy today so hopefully we will know what is going on soon. He is a really great man, a life-long cowboy (for real!) and one of the most caring, kind people I have ever known.

Lots of love to all of my friends here. Good night!

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