Saturday, August 18, 2007

MM 8/18/2007: The perfect birthday party

Thursday was my daughter's 6th birthday and today we had the party. Everything went perfectly! I got all the cleaning done yesterday, so I just had to decorate and set up the crafts today. We ordered an ice cream cake and DH went out to pick it up just before the party. It was a Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus theme. When the girls arived we had a jewel treasure hunt. I gave each girl a bag with two charms and a bead in it. Then they searched for the matching colored beads. When everyone had found their beads we used them to make charm bracelets. After that we made Wands of Light. It was great. All the girls were well behaved and no one fought or cried about anything. After a short play break for them (I needed to clean up the craft stuff) came two rounds of musical chairs. Again, the girls were awesome and took losing in stride. We followed that with a story game; I gave each girl a wrapped present to hold (gotta love the Dollar Store) and read the book to the movie out loud. Each time I said the name Anikka they passed the present to the girl next to them, and at the end they got to open the present they were holding last. After the story we had the ice cream cake (Barbie of course) and opened presents. There was about 30 minutes left so we went outside to play. At the end each girl got a coloring packet of Barbie pictures I printed out from the internet, topped by a picture of themself to color. It was the best birthday party we've ever had. Thanks to everyone who gave me ideas a few weeks ago when I posted asking for party games.

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