Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Om and other stuff

Life is stressful, as usual. I'm doing way too much in way too little time, as usual. And I feel like a pine cone in a tornado, as usual. BUT, I'm trying to do something about it, which is NOT business as usual.

It all started when my dear hubby and I watched a special on PBS on stress last week. Called "Killer Stress" the show explained scientifically all the damage that stress does to our bodies. The best part, from my point of view, was when they said that being the mother of small children is one of the most stress inducing factors there is, and that for every 1 year lived under extreme stress, our body ages 5.5 years. Not a pretty picture.

Coincidentally, about a week ago the Reverend at my church started offering meditation classes. I had been reluctant to ask DH if I could add yet another thing to my schedule, but this show gave me the excuse I needed and he was completely supportive. So I bit the bullet, bought the textbook and went to my first class Monday night. It was fabulous. I won't say that I achieved a meditative state, but I will say that I left the class more relaxed than I have been in a long time. I also left with major aches in my legs and hips from sitting "criss-cross applesauce" for 45 minutes so when I got home I did some yoga to stretch a little. Keep in mind, I haven't practiced yoga for about 4 years, so it was awkward but good. I went to bed feeling peaceful and relaxed, and slept fabulously.

Today reality crashed back in, with work deadlines, a sick kid, a jury summons to deal with, bills to pay, and Girl Scout field trips to coordinate. But just knowing that I am learning ways to cope with the chaos makes me feel better. Namaste.


Alicia said...

Good for you, Chrissi! I hope you get everything you want and more out of the class. I should really start yoga back up, too; thanks for the kick in the pants to start back up:)

HomeSlice said...

i second what alicia says! good for you christina. meditation is helpful when i remember to do it. and you've been stressed for so long, it isn't good!!! keep up the good work :-)

Sara said...

On my way to yoga class.... It is nice isn't it. I never really achieve a meditative state either, but I get close enough and I leave feeling better than I went in, even if reality hits me in the face in the parking lot.

Lweeks said...

This is great to hear Chrissi! Meditation has helped me a lot over this past 6 mos. I have my meditation time at home but I really like it that we do it at the Center every Sunday. LOVE it. In the middle of 'stuff' I take some deep breaths and say 'this too shall pass'. It seems to work. I bow down to you having all those things on your plate. I don't know how you do it. Sending you my blessings - Namaste.

jae said...

That's fantastic to hear. You always have so much going on, it just amazes me. I'm glad you've found a relaxing outlet.