Friday, November 14, 2008


****Before you read this post I need to confess what a lame ass friend I am. These presents actually arrived on 10.30. I did originally write the following post the next day, but I wanted to take some pictures to add to it so I didn't publish it. Now, two weeks later I have neither pictures nor have I published my thanks. Worse, I haven't even given my friend a jingle to tell her thank you myself! I suck. Jae, I hope you can forgive my pathetic-ness. You may beat me with a didgeridoo if you like.****

Isn't it amazing how sometimes an unexpected surprise can completely turn our mood around? The girls and I got one of those yesterday and I must say it really turned my bad mood of late around!

A few weeks back my dear friend Jae posted an entry on her blog about an upcoming trip to the Australia zoo. I posted a comment wishing her fun on her vacation. I also made a comment about how if she runs into Bindi Irwin, to say hi from her biggest fan in the US, my daughter Fiona. So what did my wonderful, caring friend do when at the zoo? She got the girls Bindi presents! The package arrived yesterday and we were all completely surprised. Each girl got this cute little bag with "Australian zoo" on the front, and a "Bindi bling sheet" to bling up their bags. Saskia took the "Bindi" name bling, and Fiona went with the sparkly tiger. There was also a great magazine from the zoo, which Fiona made me read as a bedtime story that night, and a Wildlife Warrior bracelet for me. We love everything, but most of all we love that a dear friend thought of us and did something so special to show she cares. Love you Jae.


Alicia said...

Jae rocks. No doubt about it. That was so thoughtful.

jae said...

OH, you silly. I'm glad the girls loved it ;)

Annita said...

Awww! That is very nice!