Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday night fun

Sunday night the girls and I spent about an hour hanging out in the backyard. Our intention was to catch fireflies but as they weren't out yet we did some other stuff...

like swing. Can you see in the picture that she's got her MP3 player and headphones on. Listening to Everlife so loud she can't hear me talk to her. Oh yeah.

and shooting hoops.

and watching the cat eat grass, hoping he's not going to puke when he comes back inside.

Finally the fireflies started to come out. Miss Thing wishes she was 16 didn't want to participate, so little one did all the catching. She's getting quite good, she caught 4!

Making a wish. As far as I can remember her wishes were: 1) to see Harvey (the cat) climb a tree. 2) to see Harvey climb 100 trees 3) to turn into a butterfly 4) to see a unicorn

At this point I was being eaten alive by mosquitoes so I forced the kids back inside. Miss Thing promptly plopped onto her bed to listen to more music.

I think the main differences between six and 16 at this point are that she actually lets me in her room, and she smiled when I took the picture instead of scowling. Oh, and at 16 instead of Everlife on that MP3 player she'll probably have the 2018 version of the Cure or Nirvana. At least I hope so.


HomeSlice said...

awesome pics! we love catching fireflies :-)

Alicia said...

I used to have a cat that looked just like Harvey!

Your little one's wishes made me smile. I remember being that young.

Miss Thing is so cute with her MP3 player. The smiles are definitely better than the scowls we'll all get when they turn 16. Do they HAVE to turn 16?

Sara said...

I love her wishes! I want those too! Sounds like a great night.

Jess said...

They grow up so fast. You're right though, she smiles at the pics now, and is adorable, but at 16...not so much!

Lisa said...

I miss catching fireflies.
Great pics of the kids. Oh, and of kitty!

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Oh those wishes are so cute!!!

And yeah, Josh has hi-jacked one of my shuffles (the old one) and listens to it all the time!

Fortunately, we have him brainwashed to like our music! I dread to think what the kids will be listening to when their 16! Yikes!