Sunday, September 6, 2009

If the kittens were children...

they'd be in their "terrible twos" phase. Damage today:

  • one Barbie mauled to death (as Fiona put it, it looks like she was attacked by a shark!)
  • two very large puncture wounds to my inside thigh attained when one kitten decided to jump two feet into the air to try and get the pull string dangling from my sweat pants.
  • two dining room chairs tipped over during their "Wrestle-mania" episode
  • one dishwasher climbed into
  • one balloon popped
  • one older cat terrorized
and it's only 11am. God help us.


Jess said...

I love my cat and kittens are adorable but, I don't miss the kitten phase at all. They are so mischievous, aren't they!

jae said...

I have to agree, kittens are cute as all hell but older cats are so much more relaxed!

For some reason my cats still have massive chases at 4-5am every morning that last fooorever just like when they were little. Sounds cute, but it is NOT when you can't sleep from the noise of them trying to kill each other and wake up in the morning to everything knocked out of place. You'd think they're feral.

Sarah M said...

Ahh, the joys of kittens! Hope the wound has healed by now (on you -- I know the barbies are forever scarred) and that the damage decreases. Still glad you took 'em?

Christina said...

oh yes Sarah, we're still glad we took them! We love them to pieces :)