Sunday, October 21, 2007

I had the most perfect day. The weather here in Michigan was gorgeous, a perfect Indian summer day. We started off with church, the girls sang in the children's choir and did great. My Sunday school class was a blast, the theme was "Old and Young Make Good Friends" and I had 4 senior citizens come in and talk about their childhood and show the kids pictures of themselves as children. Then we made bracelets together. My kids were fantastic, no fighting, no fussing and very sweet and respectful with our guests.

In the afternoon my family went to an apple orchard. Here's some pictures, the day was glorious.

When we got home DH and I raked leaves and worked in the yard, something we desperately needed to do. For dinner we had a scrumptious Hungarian Szedinger Gulasch which had been in the crock-pot all day. I'm still bloated from it! Now I just have to get the kids to bed and do some homework and my perfect day will be at an end... sigh.

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