Wednesday, October 3, 2007

a little disappointed

So I'm a little disappointed with my daughter's Halloween costumes this year. For once, both of them picked something to be other than a Disney Princess. My little one wanted to be Alice, from Alice in Wonderland and the eldest wanted to be a gypsy. I found an Alice costume at the Disney store, but it was $40! We are really short on money right now and that is just too much. I DON'T have time to make something this year either.

So DH found an ad last night in the paper for a Halloween store with costumes on sale. I let the girls look at it and pick what costumes they liked. Even though I had been planning on pulling together a gypsy costume myself, once DD1 saw the store costumes of course she wanted one too. So we ended up with... Tinkerbell and Cinderella. Great, how original. :(

I know, I'm being silly right? They are happy and that's what counts. But I was really looking forward to something a little original this year.... Kick me if you think I'm being stupid. :)

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