Monday, October 1, 2007

Poor Me

I'm feeling rather self-pitying right now... I went to the foot doctor today because an old problem has been flaring up and causing me a lot of pain. After lots of waiting and lots of x-rays she determined that I have ARTHRITIS in my foot! Now I have to wear this horrible wedge shoe for 2 weeks and get fitted for special (read VERY EXPENSIVE) insoles. I can't have shots because I'm allergic to them, so this is it. I'm barely over 30 and I have arthritis? Wah! Sorry for the pity party but this is really annoying. The shoe SUCKS and makes me look like a git. And I'm wondering if I have problems now what's it going to be like in 20 years? Boo hoo, okay, the party's over, I'll quit whinging now....

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